Confidentiality Policy

This agreement covers interaction between user’s personal data (procedures for collecting, using and sorting information we receive from you) and the Bitmine Mart data center.

Matters covered by the Confidentiality Policy

This Confidentiality Policy discusses “personal data” which Bitmine Mart receives from you when you are using the web resource. In this document, the term “personal data” includes any information associated with your name. Such information may include : your email address, payment system data and/or any information you may provide in your personal profile. This Confidentiality Policy does not cover information provided by you on any other websites, even if we contact you on those websites. Any information published by you in social networks (VK, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) is governed by the confidentiality policies of said websites and is not covered by this Confidentiality Policy.

Using user’s personal data

The Bitmine Mart data center will use data collected primarily to provide you with timely notifications about news, additional information, and our services. Our employees may also use your data to contact you for promotional purposes. A client’s personal data may also be used for other valid and legal business goals, including fraud identification and prevention, resolving disputes, and maintaining business relationships. Bitmine Mart reserves the right to share consolidated data (data which are not directly related to your name), if such data are anonymized and compiled into a summary report.

How you can use personal data?

You may update or edit your BTC Address by accessing your account and editing your data by sending an email to


If you have any questions concerning the confidentiality and security of your data or would like to request access to your account or edit your personal data, you can contact us by any means available on the Support page. We reserve the right to take reasonable measures to verify your identity before providing access or editing any data. Should we need to contact you urgently regarding any event related to your personal data, we may do so using your personal data.
Bitmine Mart reserves the right to amend and/or modify any of the terms and conditions of this document.