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Liberstad: The Bitcoin City!

15 Jun 2017

Deep in Rural Norway, a Bitcoin city is being created. The out of the dream city will accept anything else other than the National currency. This city will provide free schools, and social amenities and other social for free. An exact creation gotten right from a page in the book written by Bitcoin developer Satoshi.   What is the Exact Idea behin

Bitcoin Unlimited Creator: Only On Chain Scaling Helps Real Life Use Cases.

15 Jun 2017

Bitcoin Unlimited is a full node software client for the Bitcoin network. It removes the limit, allowing the users to determine the block size by consensus.The Bitcoin scaling debate is still ongoing since no decision has yet been made.   Bitcoin Unlimited developer Andrew Stone believes that on chain scaling and understanding how people use bitco

Indian Government Seeks Public Opinion On How Bitcoin Should Be Regulated

15 Jun 2017

In India, the government is asking ordinary citizens on how they want Bitcoin to be regulated in the country. This will, according to the government, help the country to formulate a regulatory framework for all digital currencies including Bitcoin.   The Indian government through the ministry of finance recently announced that members of the publi